Mental/Emotional Disorders


There are numerous classifications for mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.  These disorders can lead to low self-esteem, feelings of failure, family conflicts, drug abuse, violence, or even suicide.  These problems are real and usually mentally/emotionally painful.

Causes of mental/emotional problems

  • Genetics
  • Damage to the brain or central nervous system
  • Neurotransmitter dysfunctions
  • Hormonal dysfunctions
  • Chemical imbalances in the body
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins
  • Immune system dysfunctions
  • Exposure to violence
  • Neglect
  • Family dysfunction
  • Stress in relationships
  • Loss of important people in our lives
  • Loss though broken relationships
  • Loss though divorce
  • Loss though death
  • Stress due to disease diagnosis
  • Stress related to chronic poverty
  • Stress related to discrimination
  • Stress related to hardships
  • Stress due to not following spiritual path
  • Stress by any cause (see topic on Stress)
  • Physical pain

Treatment options

  • Neurotransmitter (urine) testing
  • Hormone (saliva) testing
  • Other lab testing
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Homeopathic drainage (Unda)
  • Psychological and educational counseling
  • Microcurrent
  • Massage
  • Hydrotherapy


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